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Looking for Protection? We've got you covered.

We can extend your warranty. And your peace of mind.

Manufacturers' warranties only cover you for so long

The Geek Squad Protection Plan* extends your coverage for up to 5 years

The Geek Squad Protection Plan* enhance your manufacturers' warranty for up to 5 years

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Enhance your protection for even more assurance.

Get more protection than what's offered by the manufacturer, with immediate assistance from a Geek Squad Agent when you need it most.

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Normal Wear & Tear Plus Defects
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Accidental Damage**
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Power Surges
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Parts Coverage
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In-Home Service
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One-time Replacement of the Original Battery
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Terms & Conditions

* Every Geek Squad Protection Plan is different and every product has specific plan coverage. For specific plan details, please refer to the actual plan terms and conditions.
** Accidental Damage from Handling covers damage as a result of unexpected and unintentional drops and spills that arise from normal usage of the product as the manufacturer intended. Abuse, misuse or fraud are not covered.

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