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Windows 8

Windows, reimagined.

As with any change to your technology, we're here to make sure you're ready to go, both while you are considering an upgrade and after you've taken the plunge.


Cool Things to Do With Windows 8
Check out our short video introduction  to Windows 8.

Here Comes the Start Screen
Everything you need to know about the new start screen.

Using Touch
Touchscreens have changed the way we interact with our devices. Here's a tutorial video on how touch in Windows 8 puts everything you need at your fingertips - literally.

Using the Charms Bar
A new way to quickly access search, share links and photos, connect your devices and manage your device settings.

Using Search
Search is bigger and better in Windows 8. See how easy search helps you find everything you need on your PC and the Web.

Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts
We all love shortcuts. Here's a summary video of the keyboard and mouse shortcuts in Windows 8.

Managing Apps & Tiles
Put everything you use right on your start screen. With live updates right there, Windows 8 makes it easier than ever to customize and manage your favorite applications. Here's how the new tiles will help.

Connecting to Wireless Networks
A rundown on how to connect your Windows 8 machine to a wireless network.

Setting Up a Connected Account
Explore all of the cool new things you can do with a connected account!

Accessing the Windows Store
Wondering where to find your favorite applications? Never fear, the Windows Store has everything you need.

Installing Devices & Printers 
Installing devices in Windows has always been tricky. It's easier now. See how.



Start Screen
A few quick notes about the accessing the new start screen.
A new way to quickly access search, share links and photos, connect your devices and manage your device settings.
New Windows 8
Check out what new and improved features are available in the new Windows 8 with the 8.1 update, great for work and play.
Windows 8.1 Update
Steps to update your Windows 8 device to Windows 8.1.

TOOLS and downloads

Download a quick overview of the hottest tips and tricks for Windows 8.
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