5-Point Pledge

  1. Stand behind our work.
  2. Respect your equipment as if it were our own.
  3. Provide expert service at a competitive price.
  4. Do what it takes to make it right.
  5. Teach you to use your system.
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Geek Squad Solution Central

Agents are standing by in select locations.

From consultations to training, our Agents can help you unlock the possibilities of your technology and take control of your tech. We still offer all the same great services you expect in the Geek Squad Precinct, but in select locations the Geek Squad Solution Central gives you even more options and access to the knowledge and expertise of our Agents.

Find Best Buy® store with a Geek Squad Solution Central in the center in the following states:

• California• New York
• Maryland• Pennsylvania
• Michigan• Tennessee
• Minnesota• Texas
• Nevada• Virginia

Find a Location

Offerings vary by location. Check the availability in your area to see the classes and times available near you and schedule one of the following:


60 minute
Brain Power Hour


30 minute
Half Hour Help

1-on-1 trainings

Questions answered. Technology simplified.

Master your device with a Brain Power Hour training. Learn how to use your device, integrate it into your existing technology and get answers to your questions to discover all the cool things you can do.

  • Android OS
  • DSLR Camera
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows 8


set-up &
up to 15 minutes

New Device Set-up

Leave with confidence and control.

Let an Agent personalize your new device whether its a new computer, tablet, camera or gaming system.

  • Power up your new device,
  • Walk through the initial setup,
  • Install any software updates and
  • Install your anti-virus program (if applicable).

When you come to pick up your device, we'll show you how to use it and answer some of your questions. You'll be amazed at how much we can cover.

Need additional time? Ask for additional time starting at $29.99 for 30 minutes.


up to 15 minutes


for 30 minutes

1-on-1 Consultation

Unlock the possibilities.

Get the personal help you need, face to face. Spend time with an Agent reviewing the devices you already own or a new piece of technology you want to add to your home. We'll walk you through what is possible and help figure out what you need to get all your tech working together.


Group Classes

Learn together.

Another great way to get even more information about technology is to sign up and attend a group class. We offer the following popular topics to help you understand and use your technology:

90-minute class:
  • Safe Surfing for Parents and Children
45-minute classes:
  • Meet your Mac
  • Welcome to Windows 8
  • iPhone and iPad Essentials
  • Intro to Android
  • Discover DSLR Photography

Not all locations offer group classes. Check the availability in your area to see the classes and times available near you.

Need more help?

Check out the additional setup options available in-store, online or in your home or office starting at $29.99:

Tips & Advice

Geek Squad Intelligence is a website dedicated to providing technology tips and advice for do-it-yourselfers.
Visit Geek Squad Intelligence.