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Make sure you’re getting all the productivity and entertainment value from your tablet by letting us set it up for you. Bring it in to a Geek Squad Precinct or have one of our Agents visit your location.

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From $99.99
Setup device and connect it to the Internet
Configure one email account on device
Download and configure one social media app
Install protective screen shield Add $14.99Add $14.99
Optimize device system and power settings  
Connect device to wireless network  

I don’t have a wireless set-up at home yet. Can I still use my tablet there?
A wireless network is not required. Many tablets come with 3G built right in. But if yours doesn’t, our Agent can help you find one.

Will my tablet allow me to watch live TV?
Depending on how you get television at home (DirectTV, xFinity, AppleTV) you may be able to stream it to your device. We’ll show you how to download the app.

What about all those cool apps? Do I get those too?
The apps are one of the best things about a tablet! Our Agent will get you started with a few of the popular ones and you can explore many more at