TV Repair

We work on most major television brands and will work on yours no matter where you bought it. All of our television repair work has a 90-day guarantee. We’ll get you back in couch potato mode in no time.

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*Television repair on-site service not available in all areas.
**Minimum charge for on-site visit is $99.99. Servicing the equipment will involve additional charges.

What brands of TVs can you fix?
We fix most of the popular TV brands. Some of the brands we repair include Samsung, Sony, Insignia, Dynex, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp and Toshiba. If you bought it in the United States, it's likely we can fix it.

I didn't buy my TV at Best Buy®. Will you still take a look at it?
Absolutely. We don't care where it came from - our only concern is to get it back in working condition for you.

What does the $99.99 cover?
The minimum charge covers an Agent coming out to your location, diagnosing the problem you are having with your TV and giving you an estimate for the costs of repair.

Will you fix the TV when you are here?
Sometimes our Agent is able to repair your device during that visit. If we need to order parts, we will have to set up a second appointment to finish the work.

We fix televisions made by all the major manufacturers. Some of the common problems we see are:

TVs that:

  • don't turn on,
  • have vertical or horizontal lines on the screen,
  • have no sound,
  • have no picture, or
  • have no power.

Geek Squad® Protection

You can help keep those future repair bills to a minimum with our Home Theater Protection Plan. When you purchase any qualifying product online from or in a Best Buy Store, you will have the option to add Geek Squad Protection. If you didn't get a protection plan, you can always add Geek Squad Protection within the product’s return and exchange period.

We've got your covered

  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Pixel Repair & Burn-in Coverage
  • House Calls on 42" & Larger TVs
  • Remote Control Coverage
  • Phone/Web Support
  • No Lemon Policy
  • Power Surge Repair
  • Reinstallation/Recalibration of Your Product

If your repair is covered by a Geek Squad Protection Plan, there will be no cost to you. Please call 1-800-433-5778 to schedule service.