Gaming Setup

Be sure your new Xbox, Playstation or Wii console is set up properly for optimum fun and safety.

How can we help?


Schedule a reservation to drop it all off.




Service Options


Perform first time setup of one gaming console
Complete all system updates
Setup three local user accounts
Configure parental controls
Setup and verify one online account
Physically set up console and peripherals
(controllers, Kinect camera, Sony Vita, etc.)
Neatly dress cables using tie wraps (as needed) 
Integrate into your home theater system and configure for optimum resolution and audio settings 
Connect gaming console to an existing network 

Can I connect my gaming systems and computer to the same network?
Yes. We will connect your gaming console directly to your existing network. If you need help getting your wireless network set up, we offer a Wireless Networking service.

Will my system need a wireless adapter?
It depends on your console, but probably not. Most newer systems have wireless adapters built-in.