Hardware Install

Need a new piece of hardware installed in your computer? Bring your computer and new component in to the store or have us out to your place. We'll install the new hardware (hard drive, graphics card, power supply, gaming controller, webcam, microphone, etc.) and make sure they play nice together.

How can we help?


Call and we will send an Agent out to your place.




Service options

Install one internal or external component such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner
Install needed software or drivers
Install any updates essential to the new hardware
Configure for optimum performance
Test for proper functionality

Can Geek Squad Agents install hardware on computers that were purchased somewhere other than Best Buy?
Yes, we love working with technology, no matter where it comes from.

Will Geek Squad test and update the hardware to make sure it’s running properly?
Absolutely. We’ll make sure your new hardware is running properly on your system. Some hardware components like a hard drive may require additional services like an Operating System install.

How many devices will Geek Squad install?
The service covers the installation of one device.

What is considered 'hardware'?
Hardware includes most internal computer parts like a hard drive, an optical drive, a video card or a power supply as well as many external computer peripherals like a printer, a scanner or an MP3 player.

Can Geek Squad install any piece of hardware?
Our Agents can install many of the common accessible hardware components, but we may need to ship to out Geek Squad City service center for more advanced installations. They have specialized tools that make almost anything possible.