Operating System Install

The operating system (OS) is the backbone of your computer. Because your OS affects everything that goes on in your system, installing a new one can be tricky. Luckily, our Agents love this kind of stuff. Let us help.

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Service Options

Install one operating system on a functioning drive
(Client must supply OS discs or manufacturer restore discs)
Install needed software or drivers
Install all critical updates
Configure for optimum performance
Test for proper functionality

What are OS discs or manufacturer restore discs? What if I don't have them?
These would be your copy of the operating system(OS). Back in the days of Windows XP, new computers came with these discs in the original factory box. However, today's computer owners must create a copy by burning to discs or creating a USB drive copy. If you have not created a copy, contact the manufacturer on how to create or order a copy of the OS. Get more information and manufacturer contact information in our Do It Yourself article "Computer Restore Discs."

My computer has been slow opening programs and saving files. Will installing a new system help?
It's hard to say without running some diagnostics. Updating your computer's operating system could improve its performance and having a new system installed will make sure your machine is compatible with new software packages. If you have your doubts, it would be best to have us diagnose the problem.

How do I know if my drive is functioning properly?
We can run diagnostics to determine the condition of the drive for an additional fee.

Is the cost of the operating system included in this service?
No, this service just covers the installation.

I use a Mac. Will you help me upgrade my system?
Absolutely. Our Agents are fluent in all major operating systems.

What if you are restoring an OS?
In that case, we will need you to provide the system's restore/recovery discs. Some computers have partitions that we can attempt to use or contact your computer's manufacturer and they can send you restore media.

My hard drive is failing, is this the service I need?
This is one of the services you are going to need. We can replace the failing hard drive, install your operating system, and attempt to recover your data from the failing drive, call 1-800-GeekSquad or make an appointment at your local Precinct to learn more and get pricing on the complete solution for you.