Email Setup

What is the average amount of time an Agent can go without checking their email? About four seconds. What can we say? We like to stay connected. You don't have to be an Agent to understand how email has become an integral part of modern life. Let us help you create an account and show you how to use it.

How can we help?

Please have the usernames and passwords for any existing email accounts handy before beginning your chat session.

Service Options

Create up to two email accounts
Install and configure a 3rd party email application (if applicable)
(cost of software is not included)
Transfer data from one email software application to another if necessary
Diagnose and repair issues with client’s existing 3rd party email application

Can you setup any email provider?
Yes, we’ve been trained in the every aspect on the art of email setup.

Do I get to chose the email application?
Again, yes. We know how to install MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Opera, iScribe - the list goes on and on. We know how to install them all. You will need to purchase the software if you want to use one of the retail email clients (MS Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.).

Will Geek Squad install personal email as well as work related?
Work and play. We do them both. (Although personally we tend to work our lives away.)

What kind of information will I have to give to Geek Squad to set up an email?
We’ll need some settings from your email provider. You will need to know your password and you will be asked to type them in yourself. So we don’t need any sensitive personal data.