Computer Setup

Make sure your computer works right from the get-go. Let us update your system, set up accounts, connect your computer to the Web and install programs like your internet security software, your favorite photo editing tool or Microsoft Office. We love making sure people get their computing life off on the right foot.

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For on-site service, please have the area for your new computer clear. Service does not include removing the old equipment.

Service Options

Physically setup and connect computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers  
Perform first time setup 
Install critical system updates and set to automatically install future updates
Create user accounts (if applicable)
Optimize start-up and shutdown
Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
Remove unwanted programs and trialware
Test network and internet connectivity on existing network
Set default web browser, home page and search provider
Demonstrate basic functionality and answer questions
Install and update internet security software 
Install and configure apps/software programs (MS Office, Adobe Reader, etc.)up to 3 applicationsup to 2 applications1 application
Configure email accounts for email app or web browserup to 2 accountsup to 2 accounts 1 account
Create restore media on USB drive (includes cost of USB drive) add $29.99 
Install one hardware device (printer, external hard drive, video card, RAM, etc.)  

How do I know my computer is safe from viruses?
While it’s almost impossible to be 100% covered, good preventative measures are the right start. Making sure your operating system is up-to-date and running an up-to-date, proactive anti-virus program are the 1 - 2 combination most likely to keep your machine free from infection.

What are critical system updates?
These include various system updates, the most common of which are updates to the Windows operating system. Software developers at major brands like Microsoft, Adobe and Java work hard to make regular updates to their products available as a way to ensure the best performance and highest security. We’ll make sure your new PC has all the latest updates and configure your system to update automatically, when possible, for future security updates.

What is restore media?
"Restore media" is a copy of your computer’s factory-installed operating system. Since computers don't come with restore media included in the box it needs to be created at least once for every new PC. Creating the restore media will ensure the operating system can be reinstalled if your computer needs a repair in the future. Need help creating your restore media? Geek Squad Agents can create the restore media for you at a local Best Buy store for just $59.99 including the cost of the USB drive. If purchased with a computer service, add the restore media for just $29.99.