Remote Start Install

There’s no feeling like stepping into a warm car and we will get you there. We’ll install your remote car starter and with three installation options, our Autotechs will have you back on the road in no time.

Additional costs for parts and labor may be required.*
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*Hardware not included.  A materials charge of $5 per vehicle will be assessed at time of installation. Standard installation does not include any vehicle-specific parts or accessories (for example, relays, etc.). For an alarm, keyless entry or remote start installation, these parts typically cost $10–$300 but will vary based upon your specific vehicle and the alarm and keyless entry system you are having installed. Additional charges for vehicle-specific parts and any non-standard installation will be assessed upon completion of the installation. If you'd like more detailed information regarding installation on your specific vehicle, find a store with an installation center and speak directly with a Geek Squad Autotech. Your Geek Squad Autotech will provide an estimate to you prior to performing work that requires an additional charge and any additional parts. See terms and conditions for further details.

Service Options

Complete a pre-installation and post-installation checklist to ensure we return your vehicle to you in the same condition as when you dropped it off
Provide estimate for immobilizer interface and install (if applicable)
Mount and install the control module
Route and conceal wiring
Mount LED and valet switches
Mount antenna
Mount hood switch
Connect starter, parking lights, power, and door trigger controls (if applicable)
Install keyless entry hardware to door locks 
Install alarm hardware including siren, shock sensor and hood sensor  
Test all remote start functions
Demonstrate remote start functionality and answer questions
Vacuum work area

What is an immobilizer interface?
So the short version is it prevents your car from being driven unless the key is in the ignition. So if you start your car and get in, as soon as you press the break to shift into gear it will turn off the car. Speak with an Autotech for more details and to determine if you will need to purchase and have one installed.

Can Geek Squad conceal any wires or connections?
Yes, you won’t even know that we were there.

Does this installation include an alarm?
It depends on the keyless system you’re using. Speak with an Autotech about your specifc vehicle and the best keyless system to meet your needs.

Can I have multiple remotes for one car?
You can buy as many as you want, though you might want to think about whom you hand them out to.

Can I use a remote start on a car with a manual transmission?
Yes, with the addition of a neutral switch, you can get a remote start. Speak with an Autotech for an estimate for the needed parts and install to make it possible.