Hands-Free Phone Install

Technology can make your life better and safer. We will install a Bluetooth or hands-free kit so that you can make and receive phone calls in your car without taking your hands off the wheel.

Additional costs for parts and labor may be required.*
Schedule a Car Technology Consultation for an estimate.
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*Hardware not included.  A materials charge of $5 per vehicle will be assessed at time of installation. Standard installation does not include any vehicle-specific parts or accessories (for example: mounts, etc.). For a hands-free kit  installation, these parts typically cost $20–$60 but will vary based upon your specific vehicle. Additional charges for vehicle-specific parts and any non-standard installation will be assessed upon completion of the installation. If you'd like more detailed information regarding installation on your specific vehicle, find a store with an installation center and speak directly with a Geek Squad Autotech. Your Geek Squad Autotech will provide an estimate to you prior to performing work that requires an additional charge and any additional parts. See terms and conditions for further details.

Service Options

Complete a pre-installation and post-installation checklist to ensure we return your vehicle to you in the same condition as when you dropped it off
Connect a Bluetooth enabled device to Bluetooth system
Install a Bluetooth or hands-free kit 
Connect to power source as directed by manufacturer 
Install microphone and/or external speaker (if applicable) 
Install and configure audio mute feature
(if applicable)
Install and configure MP3 music streaming functionality (if applicable)  
Demonstrate Bluetooth connection functionality and answer questions
Vacuum work area

Do I need a certain type of phone (i.e. Smartphone) to be hands-free?
Not specifically. It varies depending on the hands-free kit. Some may require a Bluetooth enabled device. Check with an Autotech to find the best solution.

Do you have to take apart my dash for the hands free service?
No, we’ll keep the dash in place and your car exactly as it was when you brought it in.

Does hands-free work with my existing stereo?
Most car stereos can integrate with a hands-free system. Just talk to an Autotech to make sure your car is compatible.

If my car already has Bluetooth, how do I use it?
Bring your car into a Geek Squad location and ask us. One of our Autotechs can show you how.