Camera & Camcorder Repair

Are you missing out on those precious memories? Get to Geek Squad quick. You don’t need a Geek Squad service plan to get help. Just come into any Best Buy® store nationwide. We can service most major brands and can handle almost any repair whether it’s under warranty or not.

Price of a repair can vary depending on brand, extent of damage and cost of replacement parts.

How can we help?

Check the status of your repair with our online status tracking.

What if I dropped my camera in water? Can you fix it?
First of all don’t turn it on. Take out the battery and bring it to us immediately. We’ll do everything we can to resuscitate it.

My son thought my camcorder was a toaster and stuck bread in it. Now what?
Bring it in to any Geek Squad location. We’ll clean it out no problem.

My camcorder is quite old, can you still fix it?
Got a fossil huh? No promises, but we’ll do our best to find the parts and get it back in shape

Geek Squad® Protection

You can help keep those future repair bills to a minimum with our Camera & Camcorder Protection Plan. When you purchase any qualifying product online from or in a Best Buy store, you will have the option to add Geek Squad Protection. If you didn't get a protection plan, you can always add Geek Squad Protection within the product’s return and exchange period.

We've Got You Covered

  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Accidental Damage from Handling (optional)
  • Battery Replacement
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Phone/Web Support
  • No Lemon Policy
  • Power Surge Repair