Major Appliance Repair

Don’t go trying to haul that giant refrigerator into Best Buy®. On major appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers and ranges, we’ll come to you. We work on most major brands, and we stand behind all of our service with a 30-day work guarantee.

How can we help?

Price of a repair can vary depending on brand, extent of damage and cost of replacement parts.

What happens if my food spoils in my refrigerator?
Looks like you’re going to be hungry. Just kidding. If you have Geek Squad Protection we’ll cover up to $200 for food lost in an outage.

What about all of my dirty laundry piling up?
If you have Geek Squad Protection, we’ll cover up to $25 for your laundry outage.

Do I need to do anything prior to Geek Squad’s arrival?
Nope. Just leave the appliance where it’s at and clear the area of clutter so we can get to it. Make sure you’ve explained the issue as thoroughly as possible and that’s it.

Geek Squad® Protection

You can help keep those future repair bills to a minimum with our Major Appliances Protection Plan. When you purchase any qualifying product online from or in a Best Buy Store, you will have the option to add Geek Squad Protection. If you didn't get a protection plan, you can always add Geek Squad Protection within the product’s return and exchange period.

We've got you covered

  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Power Surge Repair
  • House Calls
  • Food Spoilage Allowance
  • Laundry Allowance
  • No Lemon Policy
  • Telephone Troubleshooting