Geek Squad® Protection

Compute with confidence. Geek Squad Protection has you covered. We'll repair your gear whether something goes wrong or if you have accidental damage from handling (optional on notebooks and tablets only.) And if you get a lemon, we'll replace it with a comparable model. Plus we'll ease your mind with 24/7 phone and web support. Our job is to protect and serve, and we're always on duty.

Notebook, tablet and e-reader coverage is available as one-, two- or three-year plans.

Desktop, monitor and printer coverage is available as two- or four-year plans.

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Have an iPad with Geek Squad Protection that needs repair?
Request a replacement online.
(Excluding iPad Air models.)
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Purchase on when you place any qualifying products into your cart and checkout.

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Purchase with any qualifying products at Best Buy® locations or anytime within the product's return period.

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(available online and in‑store)

Call 1 800-GEEKSQUAD for help when you need it.
This includes repair costs for normal wear and tear, including defects in materials or workmanship and failures due to dust, internal heat and humidity.
It happens sometimes. If you drop or spill on your notebook, or tablet in the course of normal use, we'll cover the cost of your repair. (Service fees may apply)
If the original rechargeable battery in your notebook or tablet fails to hold a charge, we'll replace it. (Service fees may apply)
If your pixels start looking weird or a shadow image sticks, we'll get your screen back to pristine.
We handle the repair costs for equipment failure due to a power surge or fluctuation.
We'll protect you from parts and labor costs to keep your gadget working like new for the life of your plan.

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Geek Squad Protection Brochure (PDF)

How do I purchase Geek Squad Protection after I've purchased my product?
Geek Squad Protection plans may be purchased if it is within the product specific return policy period (located on the back of your receipt). Simply bring your receipt to the customer service desk of a Best Buy retail store and state that you would like to purchase the Geek Squad Protection plan.

How do I transfer Geek Squad Protection to someone else?
Any plan is transferable to another owner for the product identified by the serial number on the plan. There are no restrictions, provided your plan is valid, however a plan cannot be transferred to another product. You can transfer your plan to another consumer during the plan's coverage period, as long as the plan does not have an open claim. For more assistance call 1-800-GeekSquad (1-800-433-5778) or visit your local Best Buy store. Transfers must be completed by the original owner.

How many times a week can I contact Geek Squad with issues?
Until the padding on your fingers wear out. Contact us day or night 24/7/365 at 1-800-GeekSquad, or visit us at your local Precinct at Best Buy during normal business hours.

Where do I find my Geek Squad Protection number?
You'll find the number on your original receipt. If you've lost your receipt give us a call.

How soon until I can use Geek Squad Protection?
You can use it immediately. There is no need to register and we can take care of your request at any local Geek Squad Precinct at your nearest Best Buy store.

How do I know if my product qualifies as a "lemon?"
When a third repair is requested for the same defect outside the manufacturer's warranty period, rather than fixing it, we will provide a replacement product of like kind and quality that's of comparable performance. See full Terms and Conditions for details.

What if I accidentally dropped my computer on the ground?
No worries if you have our Advanced Geek Squad Protection Plan with Accidental Damage from Handling coverage, it'll be covered. However, we don't cover units that fall from extreme heights such as decks, balconies and windows or physical abuse like smashing it.

What if I dropped my notebook walking to class?
Ouch! If you have our Advanced Geek Squad Protection Plan with accidental damage from handling coverage, it'll be covered also.

What if my computer is infected with a virus?
If you are having an issue that you believe is related to a virus, you can call us at 1-800-GeekSquad (1-800-433-5778) or Chat With an Agent. They will do some quick troubleshooting, diagnose the problem, and recommend the best solution. This may require a solution that may not be covered by your Geek Squad Protection Plan such as software related issues or virus removal.