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It's your technology life - keep up with what's going on. Here you'll be able to check your support history, repair status, appointments, plan coverage and more.


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Check the status of a repair you've dropped off at a Geek Squad location. Have your service order number handy.

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Set-up an in-home or in-store service appointment with us. Sign in to view and manage your appointments.



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Get 24/7 online support with a Geek Squad Agent. We will get your technology running smoothly.

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Update My Monthly Bill Information

To update the information on your monthly Geek Squad Protection plan, call the Accounts Team at 1-800-433-5778.

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Express Replacement

Need repair on your cell phone, iPad or iPod under your Geek Squad Protection? Request a replacement online.

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Office Support Account

If you are a member of Geek Squad's Office Support plan, you can access your service account here.

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Tech Support

Tech Support

Existing Tech Support members can get help online and access our video library. Have your member number ready.

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Quickly lock, locate and recover your mobile device in the event of theft or loss with your Locked&Found App.

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