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Our Agents are involved in technology operations around the globe. Check out these websites.

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    Geek Squad

    When we're not fixing stuff we're thinking about fixing stuff. Our Agents share some tips and post some of their best tech-related ideas on our blog here.

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    Geek Squad Protection

    The main site for our industry-leading service plan covering a range of products. If you're covered, our Agents will fix your device or replace it for free.

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    Geek Squad

    We team with non-profits nationwide to offer middle and high school students the opportunity to work with tech. Junior Agents Unite!

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    Geek Squad

    Yes, they have some of the world's most pleasant people. And some pretty cold weather. And the odd computer problem. We're there.

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    Geek Squad
    United Kingdom›

    Our UK Agents will do everything they can to repair your phone or handle your computer issues, even if you do accidentally call them a 'Techno-Bobby.'

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    Geek Squad

    When our Agents state, "Ich bin ein Berliner" not only are they expressing their love of Germany, but they're also asking for a jelly donut.

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    Geek Squad

    We may or may not be trying to convert the Eiffel Tower into a rocket to start setting up our moon base.

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    Geek Squad

    The home of Christopher Columbus and Francisco Pizarro now has its own set of Agents on a quest to discover what malware is causing havoc on your computers and phones.

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    Geek Squad

    Come for the technological insight, stay for the clogging lessons!*

    *Due to Agent dance skill coordination issues, clogging lessons have been cancelled indefinitely.