Using Search in Windows 8
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Windows 8 makes nearly everything you do on your computer or device much easier -- including search. Beefed up and ready for prime time, search has gone from a "one-trick pony" to a connected, power tool that allows you to explore many options.  


  • A PC running Windows 8


Search Shortcuts:

  • App Search - Windows Key + Q
  • Settings Search - Windows Key + W
  • File Search - Windows Key + F

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I'm hi I'm Jeff an Agent with the Geek Squad.

Windows 8 is a revolutionary step forward to personal computing. With this next up there are several changes in how the system works. Today we’ll show you how to search for files, apps and other things in your Windows 8 device.

In previous versions of Windows search was accessed through the Start menu or Windows Explorer. It wasn't available in most programs. In Windows 8 search focuses on the app launch event you can access search from the charms bar by simply swiping from the right edge of the screen. to search for apps from the start screen simply start typing. You can quickly search for news on any given subject.

Here’s a few more keyboard shortcuts for targeted searches:

  • Search your Apps (Windows + Q)
  • Search for a Setting (Windows + W)
  • Search for a File (Windows + F)

Thanks for tuning in. We hope this helped you understand how do to search properly to find what you need on a new Windows 8 device.

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