Transfer Photos to a Mac
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To help you get your pictures from your digital camera to your Mac.


In an earlier video, we showed you how to transfer pictures from your digital camera to a Windows PC. However, what if you are using a Mac? In this document, we will go over just how to do that.


  1. A Mac running OS X
  2. A digital camera
  3. Your camera's sync cable


You will need to connect your camera to your Mac with its cables. Normally you will have one of three different cables. The method is simple: plug one end of the cable into your camera, and the other end into the computer. Typically, these cables will have a full size computer connection on one end and a smaller camera connection on the other.

  1. Firewire cable: uncommon in modern cameras
  2. Micro USB cable
  3. Mini USB cable

Uploading Pictures

  1. Plug one end of the cable into your camera and the other end into your computer.
  2. iPhoto should automatically load. If it doesn’t, click on the “Go” pull down menu, select Applications, and double click on the iPhoto icon.
  3. iPhoto should now show a preview of the photos on your camera. Here, you can give an event name to the set of photos.
  4. Next highlight the photos you want to import from the camera and click on “import selected,” or click “import all” to download all the photos on the camera.
  5. When prompted, allow iPhoto to delete the photos you have moved over from your camera. This will allow you to avoid having to pick and choose which photos to download again at a later date.

After the download is complete, you can click on Events to see your photos organized by the title you gave them (aren’t you glad you did so?) To see all your photos at a glance, click on Photos on the left side of the screen, and scroll down through your digital memories.

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