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Geek Squad Apps
The Geek Squad app puts an Agent in your pocket while the culture app explains what the deal is with those clip-on ties.

Intelligence blog
The latest news and advice from our Agent network.

Windows 10
A couple videos with tips on how to get started with the latest version of Windows.

Security Threat Alerts
Get the latest updates from Geek Squad Intelligence for virus, malware and spyware problems.

Scan for Viruses and Spyware
Use this free scanner to check for virus vulnerability and other security threats.

Test Your Broadband Speed
The broadband speed test tool allows you to check various aspects of your internet connection.

Windows 8
Check out our Tech Tips and 2 Minute Miracles to help you get a handle on Windows 8.

Find Drivers & Updates
Find the latest updates, drivers, instruction manuals and more from your product’s manufacturer.

Computer Restore Disc
Get a restore disc for your computer if you have misplaced it.

Mobile Device Support
Get quick information and how-to articles to learn more about your new mobile device.

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Best Buy Mobile How-To

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Short videos addressing some of the most common technology issues.