Computer Agents

Computer Agents

Take one part premier client service, add one part tech fanatic, mix well with equal parts style, experience and humor. What do you get? A Geek Squad® Agent.

This uniform doesn’t fit everyone. Being a Geek Squad Agent takes more than just the skills to replace a motherboard or install a secure wireless network. It also takes respect, humility and someone who cares about giving our clients the highest level of service possible – whether you work at a store, in the field or both.

Geek Squad Agents are the very face of this company, and their superior performance is essential to our success. Desirable skills include:

Stellar Client Service
This includes an ability to convert technical jargon into a language people can understand.

Strong Technical Expertise
Geek Squad Agents do it faster, better and more accurately than anyone else.

We’re not the cable company. When our Agents say they’ll be there at a certain time, that’s when they show up. No exceptions.

If you do your best to live up to the uniform and the badge, we’ll do our best to make this a great job for you. Find out now which Agent role suits you best.