5-Point Pledge

  1. Stand behind our work.
  2. Respect your equipment as if it were our own.
  3. Provide expert service at a competitive price.
  4. Do what it takes to make it right.
  5. Teach you to use your system.
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Geek Squad Mobile Apps

The thing about Agents is we aren’t just computer-whisperers and snappy dressers. We can also use your latest mobile device to do some pretty cool things. Check out the latest our Agent-developers have contributed to your tablet, smart phone, and PC with these Geek Squad App!

Geek Squad book cover page 

Geek Squad Culture App

Do you wonder what exactly an Agent is? Are you curious if the clip-on tie is a fashion faux pas or a lifesaving wardrobe choice? This app is for you. A Virtual Edition of The Little Orange Book, the "10 code" list, the Geek Squad Dictionary and our easily digestible one pagers, full of the kind of thinking that grew Geek Squad from a man and his bike to 20,000 trained professionals worldwide.