About Us

Serving the Public, Policing Technology and Protecting the World

Who We Are

Geek Squad is the first national 24-hour task force dedicated to relieving the world's tech stress. Comprised of highly skilled and specially trained computing Agents, home entertainment installers (GSIs), Autotechs and appliance repairers (GSRs), our 20,000 active Agents patrol technology online, on the phone, at Geek Squad Precincts in all U.S. Best Buy® stores and at service centers nationwide.


Geek Squad Chief Inspector Robert Stephens founded Geek Squad with $200 and a bicycle in Minneapolis in 1994. Today, Geek Squad is the preeminent local tech support service.In 2002, Geek Squad entered into joint operation with Best Buy and expanded nationally in 2004 - providing consumers nationwide with a unified, fully owned task force to help them manage their growing dependence on technology.In October 2006, we unveiled Geek Squad City, the force’s largest repair site. The Louisville facility encompasses nearly four acres and houses the largest concentration of Agents anywhere on Earth. Geek Squad City is the anchor for a network of service locations that house the technicians who repair the vast array of gadgets citizens depend on.

What We Do

Geek Squad Agents provide computer support and are readily identifiable by “Special Agent” badges, black pants, white shirts, break-away ties and signature GeekMobile® vehicles. Arriving in decked-out vans, GSIs (Geek Squad Installers) deliver the home theater experience to family and game rooms far and wide, Autotechs answer the call of car electronics fans at install bays within most Best Buy stores and GSRs (Geek Squad Repairers) make in-home appliance repairs.


No matter the time of the day or night, there are Agents standing by ready to help you with your tech. You can engage us by calling 1-800-GEEKSQUAD or chatting with an Agent. All our services are backed by an unconditional guarantee: If a client is not completely satisfied with the service, the problem will be remedied fast and free of charge.


Our goal is to keep the streets safe from technological evil. No matter what make, model or manufacturer – whether you bought your device at Best Buy or not - we are the ultimate in tech support. With 24-hour rapid deployment, and in-store, in-home and in-office visits, as well as remote support, we will listen to your concerns and and work with you to determine the best solution for you.


The task force powers Geek Squad Protection service plans that provide customers the assurance that help is readily available to activate, protect and maximize their technology. These plans cover computing, home theater, digital imaging, mobile phone, car electronics products, as well as major appliances, and are available exclusively at Best Buy.

Finding an Agent

Check out the Guide to Finding an Agent for an overview of the different ways we are available for all your technological needs.


Take the hassle out of technology with Geek Squad’s online support. Just select Chat with an Agent and one of our Agents will begin a chat session with you. With your permission, the Agent will be able to take over your computer remotely and correct the problem while you sit back and watch.


Keep up with Geek Squad’s tech tips at www.geeksquad.com/do-it-yourself, download free tools to protect your gadgets and chat with Geek Squad Professionals 24/7/365


Geek Squad knows that technology can induce unnecessary stress on civilians, so they’ve assembled convenient two-minute videos with step-by-step instructions for setting up, using and protecting popular items for your car, home and office. Check out these free instructional videos online.